The MPF finances twelve investment projects and six analytical/advisory projects, which are delivering results against targeted pillars of Somalia’s National Development Plan (NDP). Over 75% of MPF projects are implemented by Somali authorities

  • Effective, Accountable Government

    The MPF places country systems and institutions at the center of activities. Building effective and efficient institutions is a fundamental pre-requisite for socioeconomic recovery and sustainable development.

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  • Enabling Economic Growth

    The dynamic private sector and anticipated increases in revenue for FGS have created the need for Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth. The MPF supports a regulatory environment that promotes both revenue generation and federal environment that promotes both revenue generation and federal resources equity

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  • Urban Infrastructure

    Infrastructure restoration is a critical factor in the success of post-conflict recovery. It will re-establish physical links, expand regional trade and promote economic growth. MPF infrastructure projects will also enable Somali institutions to improve urban planning, increase learning and strengthen the ability response to crises

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